Sunday, September 11, 2011

I♥Faces-Back to School

The I♥Faces theme this week is Back to School. We've chosen to home school Alex, beginning the school year this past Monday. From Alex's perspective, everything is school, including this beautiful moth. It's our impromptu science experiement, which began when Alex found a large and gorgeous caterpillar happily munching on our tomato plants. We put it in a jar, read up on its habits (the Manduca Sexta, or tobacco hornworm), and kept it well fed. In a week or two, it dug in the soil of the jar and spun a cocoon, only to emerge several weeks later! So, no school bus for us, but we enjoy the amazing blessings God sends our way.


  1. What a beautiful and warm shot!

    Erika B

  2. Wow what a great picture!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE the lighting!

    Love it! I have a new photo blog hop starting Mondays... love to have you!